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Digital Anonymity

Join us at IIIT Jabalpur, April
5-7 for an in-person hackathon.

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Organised by The Programming Club of IIITDMJ





1500+ registrations from across the country.



Offline Participants

500+ participants joined the offline hackathon!




To help you, get the best out of HackByte.




Innovative submissions from various domains.

Opportunities for Participants

Why participate in Hackbyte?

HackByte 2.0 promises a wonderful experience to the participants.

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Collaborate and skill up

Connect with people, form a team, learn new skills and develop amazing projects!

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Exciting Prices

Top 3 teams plus best projects of each domain will win prizes which will be disclosed soon!

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Engaging Workshops

Technical workshops and events like no-light event will keep the participants engaged throughout.

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Mentorship sessions

Get mentorship and guidance from prominent technocrats of the industry.

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Recruitment offers

Best performers will get recruitment offers from prestigious companies.

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Expand network

Connect with industry professionals and recruiters and other teams to learn and grow more.

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